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‘Regrav is a great story, very rich on many levels, the scientific, the mystical, the conspiracy theories, 2012, ecological armageddon, It's certainly a rollicking sci fi adventure, with all that drinking and surfing! I really enjoyed the read. It would make a great movie.’ (Bridget Haylock, Prima Materia Writing)


Regrav was a most enjoyable read once i started to read it. I couldn't put it down. The story took me on a full tilt adventure from the beginning to the end. All I can say is i hope there is a sequel and where is the surf shop I think I want to learn to surf....

Stephen, Dog Collar, Dove


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What is Gravity?





A very interesting concept of Gravity. Original work. Cant wait for the next trip to Endev. Terry S.


Regrav is a science fiction adventure based on two Australian surfers during the first years of repulsive gravity powered spaceships, which I do not understand...but loved...Could not put it down even on the third read. The adventure, the surfing descriptions and space travel were well combined, exciting the minds imagery. My partner also find it a riviting read, suprising for someone not into science fiction....

Cannot wait for the second in the series. (Col Penman)

A most enjoyable book. The movie would rival the likes of Avatar...I'm a definite fan...Matt G

A sci fi for sci fi purists and: just a great story. W Firth


It is my pleasure to return the MS for ‘Regrav’ to you. I have found it well researched and written in an attention riveting style and I very much enjoyed reading it. It is futuristic and i feel our world is ready for such a piece of work. I also feel that others will experience the same pleasure from reading it as I myself experienced.
To be honest, I have read PhD thesis, that did not come up to the excellent standard of this book. Well Done! Ralph Kessner Mt Maria, Qld


I am happy with the final outcome at Ver 5.7. I concern that Regrav is perhaps too complex. And I am disappointed by the professional editing, failing to pick up silly gramaticals. But what a fun time is writting a sci fi. Please enjoy. k j gordon


Regrav Synopsis

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